Privacy Policy NMBU

A privacy policy describes what personal information is processed, how it is processed, who is responsible for the processing, what rights you have, and who you can contact for information about your personal information. In this privacy statement, we describe how NMBU handles your personal information if you apply for studies or are a student, are employed or have applied for a position at the University.

  • Personal information includes all types of data, information, details, and assessments that can be linked to you as an individual. The crucial factor in whether a piece of information is personal information is whether the information can directly or indirectly identify a specific person.

  • NMBU is an institution with approximately 7000 students and 2000 employees who, in their roles and needs, are registered in various IT systems and services either operated by the university itself or by external providers. Common to all students and employees is being registered in our central system.

  • Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website. We use this, among other things, for statistics, using the tool Google Analytics, so that we can improve our pages and give you a better user experience. When you use our websites, you consent to the use of cookies. You can withdraw your consent by disabling cookies in your browser (

    The statistics give us answers on how many visit the different pages, how long the visits on average last, which websites they come from, etc. For each page that is displayed, we store which page is displayed, the date and time, and which browser is used. We also collect the IP address, but this is anonymized before it is stored, so we cannot trace the information back to the individual user.

    NMBU has anonymized information that is subject to Google's privacy guidelines.

    We also embed videos from Youtube on some pages, and use Task Analytics to monitor how certain pages are used and whether users find what they are looking for - both of these services can set cookies.

  • NMBU is responsible for ensuring that all data, information and personal information is used in a safe and secure manner. This includes ensuring that confidentiality, integrity, and availability are maintained in accordance with the information's vulnerability and NMBU's needs.

    NMBU regularly conducts risk analyses of the IT systems and IT services we use to secure your personal information. We also have several security measures, such as access controls to prevent more employees than necessary from accessing your personal information. It is also important to emphasize that employees are bound by confidentiality about personal information they have access to in their work, and they only have access based on service needs.

    The IT department can make necessary interventions to ensure the availability, functionality, and integrity of NMBU's ICT resources, including averting or resolving operational disruptions or information security incidents. If the intervention affects personal data or data needing protection, the user, if possible, should be notified in advance and in any case without undue delay and as soon as practically possible.

  • The director at NMBU is responsible for the processing of personal data we handle. If you want more information about how NMBU processes personal data than you can find here, you can send your inquiry to: Please mark the inquiry "Privacy".

    NMBU has a data protection officer, Hanne Pernille Gulbrandsen, who is to safeguard the privacy interests of both students, employees, and others at NMBU. If you wish to contact the data protection officer, you can do so at:

More information

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Access to information about employees and students

NMBU is a public body. This means that information about students and employees can be disclosed in accordance with the Public Administration Act (Offentleglova). More information about what is required to access information about students and employees can be found here.

Access control and security camera at NMBU

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