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The Livestock Production Research Centre

The Livestock Production Research Centre (SHF) is Norway’s largest educational and research facility for fundamental and innovative research as well as practical solutions for sustainable and profitable livestock farming. Together with our collaborators, we specifically focus on themes in the areas of ‘livestock farming, nutrition, genetics, animal health and welfare, and the impact of domestic animals on the environment’.


Dairy products, eggs and meat, together with their byproducts, must be produced in a responsible way and under optimal animal health and welfare conditions. Additionally, One-Health (the interaction between animal health, human health and the environment) plays an important role in all aspects of animal husbandry as well as in society.

It is our aim to achieve synergy by combining education with fundamental and applied research. Realization of this will bring science and innovation together and closer to society, policymakers and industrial stakeholders strengthening the university's academic environment and collaboration in Norway as well as internationally.

The Livestock Production Research Centre aims to:

  • Safeguard and prioritize animal health and animal welfare with respect to NMBUs educational- and research responsibilities.
  • Sustain nationally- and internationally competitive livestock facilities.
  • Safeguard highly skilled personnel and state of the art technological- and digital systems in our top modern facilities.
  • Focus on the application of systems which are sustainable, environmentally friendly and circular in order to support and improve a healthy living environment for animals and humans.
  • Utilize the agricultural areas owned by NMBU for sustainable feed production while preserving the landscape and environment surrounding the university
  • Provide healthy and inspiring working conditions for employees, researchers and students as well as our collaborators.

Contact SHF

Visiting address: Syverudveien 27, 1430 Ås

Postal address:
Senter for husdyrforsøk (SHF)
Post office box 5003, 1432 Ås

E-mail: shf@nmbu.no