Cathrine Glosli

Cathrine Glosli

Senior Advisor

  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management, Administration

I work with communication, research dissemination, web cultivation and social media at NMBU.  

I am responsible for science dissemination, and web at the Faculty of environmental sciences and natural resource management (MINA). I write and distribute press releases from the faculty’s scientists.

I am external media contact, following up on media requests. I arrange science dissemination activities, such as for example stands at sciences fairs. Other responsibilities include publishing and maintaining content on MINA’s internal and external webpages. I am also administrator of and content producer for the faculty’s social media.    

I have collaborated on a wide array of research projects with dissemination, from smaller self-funded projects, to NFR and EU projects. 

Background: I have a master's degree in ecology.