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GLA303 Landskap i en globalisert verden: Historiske og teoretiske perspektiver

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Viser emneinfo for studieåret 2021 - 2022.

Emneansvarlige: Maria Gabriella Trovato, Kerstin Potthoff
Studiepoeng: 10
Ansvarlig fakultet: Fakultet for landskap og samfunn
Frekvens: Every year
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Begrensning antall plasser:
40 students
Undervises i periode:
Autumn parallel
Første gang: Studieår 2020-2021
Fortrinnsrett: Students enrolled in the Master Landscape Architecture for Global Sustainability programme.
Undervises hvor?: Campus Ås
Emnets innhold:

The course provides insight into historical and theoretical perspectives of landscape transformation. Particular importance will be attached to the question of how extensive networks of economic, cultural, social and political interconnections and processes transform landscapes across local, regional and national boundaries.

The course consists of lectures and seminars. The content of the lectures and the written assignments is discussed in the seminars.


The aim of the course is to provide students with historical and theoretical perspectives that offer them a deeper understanding of landscape transformation.

Knowledge: Students have an understanding of how global processes corelate with landscape transformation.

Skills: Students are able to apply different historical and theoretical perspectives to comprehend and interpret landscape transformation.

General competences: Students are able to communicate insights in written and oral form with scientific rigor.

Lectures, seminars
Feedback during seminars and presentations.
Under development; the reading list will be available at the start of the course.
Forutsatte forkunnskaper:
Relevant Bachelor degree
Anbefalte forkunnskaper:
Obligatorisk aktivitet:

Reflection papers; all need to be approved to pass the course

Expected full-time participation in lectures ans seminars


Combined assessment: Assignments: Reflection paper, essay Written exam (at home): Reflection paper

The two reflection papers together count 20% of the grade, the academic essay counts 80%.

All submissions have to be submitted in ENGLISH ONLY.

An external examiner evaluates the elements that are part of the Combined assessment.
Normert arbeidsmengde:
250 hours
Admission to the Master Landscape Architecture for Global Sustainability programme but also open for students from other programmes.
250 hours consisting of seminars, lectures and self-study
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