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EDS379 Global politisk økonomi

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Studiepoeng: 10
Ansvarlig fakultet: Fakultet for landskap og samfunn
Frekvens: Annually
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Undervises i periode:
Autumn parallel
Første gang: Studieår 2013-2014
Undervises hvor?:
Emnets innhold:
The Global Political Economy (GPE, also called international political economy) is about integrating economic and political analysis to understand the global processes of distribution of resources. At its heart, it is about revealing the powers of and interaction between private and public actors in global system. When analysing the global production, distribution and consumption of resources, not only national governments, but also foreign governments, international institutions, multinational corporations and civil society actors must be taken into account. The course introduces students to the main theoretical approaches of GPE (liberal, realist and critical). It considers historical developments of power relations between actors and processes of distribution of resources globally. The course examines these questions in relation to financial, trade, security and aid regimes. We will explore case studies, for example by looking at local manifestations of some of these global processes. We will explore the space for social actors to influence the global political economy.

After the course, the student

  • is familiar with and able to distinguish key concepts and theories of Global Political Economy (liberalist, realist and critical)
  • has training in critical reading and text presentation through student seminars
  • is able to formulate a clear argument and support it with adequate evidence and logic in written and oral expression
  • can give an overview of key actors, institutions and processes of accumulation and distribution of wealth in the global system
  • has experience with applying key theory/ies independently in analysing case studies/empirical evidence 
Lectures and seminars 
Office hours and procedures will be explained at the first class meeting. A course schedule will be available in Fronter in due time.
Selected books and articles. See course outline posted in Fronter in due time before semester start.
Forutsatte forkunnskaper:
A relevant Bachelor degree or equivalent
Obligatorisk aktivitet:
Seminar presentation of course readings (passed)

Exam is divided in two:

Individual essay (30%), ca 3000 words

A written take home exam (70%), 7-8000 words

Exam only in English.

Normert arbeidsmengde:
300 hours
12 lectures and 11 seminars
Eksamensdetaljer: Langsgående vurdering: A - E / Ikke bestått