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EDS303 Introduksjon til Internasjonale Miljøstudier

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Emneansvarlige: John Andrew Mcneish
Medvirkende: Pål Olav Vedeld, Jens Bernt Aune, Erik Gomez
Studiepoeng: 5
Ansvarlig fakultet: Noragric - Institutt for internasjonale miljø- og utviklingsstudier
Frekvens: Årlig
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
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Undervises i periode:
Første gang: Studieår 2014-2015
Fortrinnsrett: MIES
Undervises hvor?:
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The course is aimed at providing an introduction to international environmental studies and to ensure that students are quickly introduced to Noragric´s contribution to this field. Whilst emphasizing Noragric´s inter-disciplinarity the course makes evident our general balance towards the social sciences. The course will also help to demonstrate the different strengths and contrasting interests and perspectives of the MES teaching staff. Moreover, through its emphasis on the linkage of theory to empirical examples the course is designed to also showcase the intellectual and policy-related value of research at out department. The core course is designed to support study that addresses the inter-linkages between local, national and global levels. Emphasis is made on the study of the relationships and processes that link the global north and global south.

The course is organised in 3 different sections: Part 1 (Week 1) provides students with an introduction to both Noragric´s M-IES programme and the rights and obligations of being a student at UMB. Some of the more practical oriented classes will be co-organised with the Development Studies and International Relations programmes. Part 2 (Week 2): Students are introduced to the research fields covered by the department. Individual staff members will provide short lectures followed by informal discussions with students on the theme of their ongoing research. Part 3 (Week 3): Through lectures and practical class assignments introduces students to the significance and content of our two study directions i.e. Politics and Governance and Climate Change and Agriculture. Students are assisted to start the process of choosing appropriate study profiles for the rest of their M-IES studies. This part of the course includes an obligatory field excursion. 

The core course is designed to give students a basic introduction and general overview of different ways that environmental change can be understood. It will furthermore instruct students to recognize the critical difference between these approaches (including the implications of choosing a particular empirical and theoretical perspective for understanding the challenges of environmental change). The covers the main theoretical directions in the field of environmental studies, and ensure that students are able to understand and explain the complex nature of society-nature relationships. By the end of the course students should be familiar with the basic concepts used in the field of international environmental studies. Students should also be able to start to apply different methods and theoretical approaches to practical cases of environmental change.
Forelesninger, diskusjoner, seminar, student presentasjoner, gjesteforelesninger, utferd
Advice and direction provided by the main teachers
En litteraturliste vil være tilgjengelig i god tid før kursstart.
Forutsatte forkunnskaper:
Bachelor grad
Anbefalte forkunnskaper:
Dette er et introduksjonsemne for studenter på masterprogrammet i internasjonale miljøstudier. Emnet er ikke anbefalt for studenter fra andre studieprogram. 
Obligatorisk aktivitet:
100% deltakelse i klasseromsundervisning deltakelse i klasse, diskusjoner og presentasjoner, utferd.
Skriftlig eksamen (2 timer). Ekstern Sensor
Ekstern sensor 
Normert arbeidsmengde:
Forelesninger: 20 timer; seminarer, diskusjoner, studentpresentasjoner: 20 timer; utferd: 2 dager. Forberedelse til forelesninger og presentasjoner: 20 timer
Forelesninger: 20 timer seminarer, diskusjoner, studentpresentasjoner: 
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