ECN352 Fattigdom og ulikhet


Ansvarlig fakultet:Handelshøyskolen

Emneansvarlig:Arild Einar Bjørn Angelsen

Campus / nettbasert:Undervises campus Ås

Undervisningens språk:Engelsk


Forventet arbeidsmengde:250 hours

Undervisnings- og vurderingsperiode:Emnet starter i vårparallellen. Emnet har undervisning/vurdering i vårparallellen.

Om dette emnet

The course covers the central debates in the current poverty and inequality literature. It is divided into three parts: (i) concepts and perspectives on the causes of poverty and inequality; (ii) methods and tools for measuring poverty and inequality; (iii) and policies and instruments for poverty reduction and less inequality.

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The aim of this course is to introduce students to a range of perspectives and methods in the study of poverty and inequality, thereby acquiring a thorough understanding of key debates and controversies. The course is also designed to provide students with the practical and analytical skills needed to undertake their own analysis.
  • A combination of lectures, student presentations and class discussions. There are two assignments which each count for 30% of the grade: one home assignment on poverty and inequality calculations, and one a class presentation, in pairs, on a self-selected topic of relevance to the course.
  • The instructors hold office hours and are available through e-mail consultations. Detailed feedback is provided on the assignments, including feedback provided electronically throughout the semester. There is a separate training session on Excel for those not familiar with the programme.
  • Selected articles.
  • Combined assessment, consisting of three separate parts: (1) an individual assignment on quantitative poverty and inequality analysis (30%); (2) one in-class presentation on a chosen topic (two students collaborate on the presentation) (30%), and (3) a closed-book, school exam with a combination of open-ended and multiple-choice questions (40%). If you fail one of them, you fail the course. All assignments will be given letter grades, and the course grade is the average of the three grades on the assignments.


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    Muntlig presentasjon

    Karakterregel: Bokstavkarakterer

    Skriftlig eksamen

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    Hjelpemiddel: A1 Ingen kalkulator, ingen andre hjelpemidler

  • Ekstern sensor kvalitetssikrer pensum, eksamensoppgaver og prinsipper for evaluering og besvarelser.
  • Compulsory 80% attendance of the classes with student presentations. Mandatory activities are valid until the next time the course is offered.
  • Emnet vil blir undervist på engelsk. Innvekslingsstudenter kan ta kontakt med studieveiledere ved Handelshøyskolen ( for å få vurdert om de kan få plass på emnet.
  • Anslagsvis 18 forelesninger (dobbelttimer) + 4-6 samlinger med studentpresentasjoner.
  • Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse).