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APL108 Introduksjon til romlig planlegging

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Emneansvarlige: Inger-Lise Saglie
Studiepoeng: 5
Ansvarlig fakultet: Fakultet for landskap og samfunn
Frekvens: Annually
Undervises på språk: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Undervises i periode:
Spring parallel
Første gang: Studieår 2015-2016
Fortrinnsrett: M-BYREG
Undervises hvor?:
Emnets innhold:
.The course consists of five sections, introducing the following themes: the idea of spatial planning (evolution of planning, rationales for planning, overview of theory of planning); the organisation of spatial planning (planning systems, laws, plans, policies, institutions, cross-sectoral integration); the professionalisation of spatial planning (the emergence of the planning profession); power in planning (politics, conflict, interests, participation, values); the future of spatial planning (how planning systems are evolving to meet new societal needs (planning reform, culture change). In each section, teaching includes an introduction to theory, an international view of the theme, and an analysis and assessment of aspects of spatial planning in Norway.
.Students will have an understanding of the ideas underlying spatial planning, its organisation and professionalisation. They will have insight into the power dynamics of planning, and be familiar with societal debates about the role of and future for spatial planning. They will have an understanding of Norwegian spatial planning, seen in an international context.
.Teaching methods comprise lectures, seminars, group tutorials and individual assignments. A range of international case studies will be used to illustrate each theme. The assignment will challenge the students to locate Norwegian experience in an international context.
The student is expected to be able to use the digital system (Fronter LMS), or to learn how to use it on her own.
.All course reading can be accessed on the internet or on Fronter. A full reading list will be provided one month before the course begins.
Obligatorisk aktivitet:
One individual written assignment, 3000 words in length.
Assessment is based on a single written assignment.
Normert arbeidsmengde:
Lectures 18 hours; course reading and individual assignment 102 hours.
Kun for studenter på M-BYREG.
The course is structured as 12 weekly lectures, each of 90 minutes, as follows: one introductory lecture; five theme sections, each with two lectures; and one concluding lecture.
Eksamensdetaljer: En godkjent oppgave: Bestått / Ikke bestått