Course code HET203

HET203 Animal welfare

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2021 - 2022 .

Course responsible: Inger Lise Andersen
Teachers: Øyvind Øverli, Ruth Catriona Margaret Newberry
ECTS credits: 5
Faculty: Faculty of Biosciences
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Max 40
Teaching exam periods:
January block
Course frequency: Anually
First time: 2020H
Preferential right:
Bachelorstudents in Animal Science
Course contents:
This course addresses the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act and the national animal welfare regulations for our main farm animals; pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and goat. The animal welfare challenges for these animal species in commercial herds are emphasized. The course provides both the theoretical framework for animal welfare and practical exercises in commercial herds.
Learning outcome:
The students will be able to explain and define central terms within animal welfare. Further, they will gain experience of doing assessments of animal welfare out in commercial herds and to use this knowledge to point out measures that can improve the welfare of the animals.
Learning activities:
The course comprises lectures, group assignments and group discussions on animal welfare. The students will do assessments of animal welfare in commercial herds with pigs, cattle and poultry.
Teaching support:
Teachers are available for questions about the subject. For the practical exercises, a teacher will supervise each group. Lecture materials is placed in Canvas.
Welfare Quality® assessment protocols for pigs, cattle and poultry. Relevant scientific articles and reports.
HFX132 and HET201
Recommended prerequisites:
Mandatory activity:
Participation in group assignments for animal welfare assessments in commercial herds.
Group assignment: A - E / F
Nominal workload:
125 hours
Entrance requirements:
Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse)
Reduction of credits:
HET201- Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare - 10 ECTS
Examination details: Group assignment: A - E / F