Student Life

"Everyone got a job after graduating”

“I can safely say that everyone in my class got a job either before the master’s was delivered or over the summer,” says Sigrid Løyning who completed her master’s degree in spring 2020.

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Life as a NMBU student is more than just coursework

NMBU is a place where you can be yourself with an ocean of exciting possibilities to get engaged both academically and socially. “It is a place where it is easy to make new friends,” says Tilde (22).

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“My best advice: come to Ås!”

“The student environment at NMBU is very good and I had five absolutely fantastic years at Ås. I have made friends for life and built a good professional network with both professors and fellow students. These are friendships that I will take with me further into life,” says Marius Sauders. He now works as a national park manager in Nordland.

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Why are students so satisfied with NMBU?

“Some students perhaps land on the more general universities a little randomly, because they don’t quite know what they want to do. NMBU has a clear profile, and we therefore see that many students have thought carefully about their choice before arriving here,” says Vegard Nilsen.

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Vegard Høgi Olsen

There is a place in Ås where half bottles grow on trees

At Samfunnet students hold concerts, quiz nights, parties, academic debates and much more.

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Foto: Vegard Høgi Olsen

Welcome to an active everyday

NMBU’s sports club offers everything from rugby, ski rental, volleyball, badminton and soccer.

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Ready to go outdoors?

Studying at NMBU entails a good mix of theory and practice. Several of our study programs use the nature around campus in their teaching.

Living in Ås

In Ås the distances between where you study, live, exercise and party are small. There are also many opportunities to get involved in the local community.

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Kristina Gedde

UKA in Ås

UKA in Ås is known as Norway’s longest cultural festival! Over 1200 volunteer students plan and execute a fully packed program with the UKE revue, concerts, Oktoberfest and a lot more fun!

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Foto: Kristina Gedde

Clubs and associations

NMBU has many choirs and music associations, social associations and sports clubs. In other words, it is easy to meet new people, and you have good possibilities to find an activity that suits you.

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Student Democracy

All students at NMBU are a part of the Student Democracy at NMBU. It promotes the interests of students in all councils and committees at NMBU.

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Translated by: Sari Christine Cunningham