“My best advice: come to Ås!”

Marius works on assignment as a national park manager for Midtre Nordland National Park Board. There are five national park managers working there, and four of them have their education from Ås.

As a national park manager, Marius Saunders has a varied everyday life. The tasks include management planning in the protected areas, case processing for the national park board and facilitation for visitors to the national parks in Nordland. A working day can take place inside the office with projects, the next day there may be a meeting with a political board and the third day may be out on inspection in one of Nordland's beautiful national parks.

After high school, Marius studied economics. Then he learned one thing: work is so much more than money. So, he decided to look for other studies that better suited his interests. Since Marius loves nature, animals and outdoor life, biology became a natural choice. He has taken both his bachelor's and master's degrees at NMBU.

“The student environment at NMBU is very good and I had five absolutely fantastic years at Ås.”

“Biology is a broad discipline and you can work within many exciting professional areas. Take a little law, statistics and GIS in addition to the biology classes, and then even more job opportunities will be open to you!”

Marius Saunders

“I have made friends for life and built a good professional network with both professors and fellow students. These are friendships I will take with me further into life.”

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Translated by: Sari Christine Cunningham