4th World Bank Conference: Global Tax Equity

Skatteforsk is co-organiser of the 4th World Bank Conference, together with IFS, ODIUK Aid Direct, and the World Bank Group, where the main topic is global tax equity.

Inequality is one of the global challenges of our times. This phenomenon is increasingly driven by the ability of people and companies to move their wealth and profits across national borders. What is the role of fiscal policy in dealing with this challenge, both within countries and internationally? How might new data sources inform the debate?

Some of the questions to be discussed, by leading researchers and policy makers, are:

  • Taxation of high-net-worth individuals, and wealth taxation
  • Tax transparency, beneficial ownership, offshoring and tax havens
  • Taxes on multinationals and large corporations, including BEPS pillar I and II

The keynote address speaker is Professor Gabriel Zucman, associate professor of economics at UC Berkeley and affiliated researcher at Skatteforsk. 


The conference will be held in hybrid format, with online and in person attendance (Washington DC), at September 22-23. 2022. More info and registration is to be found here.


Published 2. september 2022 - 14:49 - Updated 2. september 2022 - 14:49