Workshop: Tax Havens and their Role in the Global Economy

Skatteforsk, University College of Dublin and the Society for International Trade Theory organise the workshop "Tax Havens and their Role in the Global Economy". The workshop will be held in Dublin at the UCD, on Friday 12 November.


More about the topic of the workshop:

Although tax havens have been presumed to play a role in aggressive profit shifting, it is only recently that increasing evidence of the extent of the activity has shown just how major their part is. This has caused public outcry and the fact that some of the world’s most profitable firms pay very little in taxation has prompted a major political drive towards overhauling global tax rules. Although the focus has to date been on the impact of profit shifting on tax receipts, this workshop provides a forum for examining more nuanced effects, including on the wages paid by profit shifting firms. By bringing together a collection of leading researchers on the issue, the goal is to share approaches, methodology, and insight in order to push forward the state of the art on this important topic.


The program:

9:30     Welcome Coffee and Opening Remarks

10:00   Mathieu Parenti (Université Libre de Bruxelles) “Quantifying Profit Shifting and its Implications”

11:00   Julie Brun Bjørkheim (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) “How to Spot a Profit Shifter in the Wild”

12:00   Baptiste Souillard (European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics) “Profit Shifting, Employee Pay, and Inequalities: Evidence from US-Listed Companies”

1:00    Lunch (University Club, UCD)

2:30     Nadine Riedel (University of Münster) “Leveling the Playing Field: Constraints on Multinational Profit Shifting and the Performance of National Firms”

3:30     Johannes Scheuerer (University College Dublin) “Who Gains from Tax Havens?”

4:30     Ron Davies (University College Dublin) Closing Remarks


The workshop is funded by Skatteforsk (NMBU) and the Society for International Trade Theory. 

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