Deferring your offer of admission

Applicants who have accepted an offer of admission to NMBU may defer their seat for one year.

You can apply for deferral on the basis of:

  • Military service
  • Pregnancy/ childbirth or adoption
  • Illness

Please note that other reasons such as work, education, holidays or lack of financial funds do not constitute grounds for deferred admission.

How to apply for deferral

You apply by sending an application together with documentation of your need to defer your seat. The documentation must confirm the need for deferral and may be a medical certificate, conscription card or other equivalent documentation.

You must have accepted the offer of admission before you apply for deferral.

Please contact the admissions office if you need to apply for deferral.

How to secure your seat the following year

To secure your seat, you must register a new application in the application portal within the deadline.

In your application, you must enclose a copy of your deferrment letter.

If you have any questions, you may contact the admissions office at