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Onine Learning Agreement
Onine Learning AgreementPhoto: Pixabay

All students coming on exchange through Erasmus+ must complete a Learning Agreement. This is a contract that must be signed by the student, the home university and NMBU. From spring 2021 Online Learning Agreement (OLA) will be mandatory for all incoming Erasmus+ exchange students, and all the signatures will be digital.

The Learning Agreement contains a description of which courses you will take on exchange and gives you the confidence that courses you pass can be approved as part of your degree.

  • Please create your OLA account on this site (the browser must be Chrome or Firefox): Create Online Learning Agreement
    • Recently OLA has been updated from OLA 2.0 to OLA 3.0. If you have problems with logining in, please contact International Office in your home university for support.
  • Contact person/Res. person: Megumi Ota Fog, Erasmus+ Coordinator. Contact email/ Res. email:
  • The institutional code for NMBU is N AS03
  • Please fill in the following information before you sign the OLA digitally. 
  1. Planned mobility periodCourses at NMBU
  2. Courses that you are going to replace at your home university (or mobility window)
  3. Language level : Courses in English require English level B2 (CEFR). Your English level must be B2 or higher (C1, C2). Your English proficiency is documented by the signature of your Erasmus+ coordinator on the Learning Agreement
  4. Name and email address of coordinator/responsible person at your home university
  • Sign the OLA digitally (by pointer/mouse) 

Only the part called "Before mobility" should be filled in.  

The International office at your home university will automatically receive a notification by email to sign your OLA once you have signed it.

When the responsible person at your home university has signed it, the OLA can be signed by an NMBU coordinator.

The OLA is complete when it is signed by all three parts (signed by you and both coordinators).

You will be notified by email and/or the Erasmus+ App when one part has signed. You can also log in to Online Learning Agreement or the Erasmus+ App to check status during the process. 

If you make changes to your courses during the mobility period, you will have to update the OLA by using the part called "During Mobility".

If you need more help or advice regarding the OLA, please contact the international office at your home university or

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