Massey University


New Zealand



Agreement type

Study abroad

Study places

Numerous (tuition fees)


Massey University main campus is located in Palmerston North. The city is the 7th largest city in New Zealand and is close to the beach, mountains, wine districts and the capital Wellington.
The agreement covers the 3 campuses Auckland, Manawatu (Palmerston North) and Wellington.

Massey offers many subjects that are relevant to most students at NMBU.


Course catalogue

  • Study Abroad: Several places.

    Bachelor and Master level

    Length of stay

    1-2 semesters

  • Tuition fees for 2023: NZD 12,500
    In addition, there is a semester fee of NZD 500-800 depending on the campus.

  • Applicants are ranged according to their average grade scores upon applying. Minimum C average.

    All exchanges require a completion of 60ECTS prior to a stay abroad.

  • English

    Language requirements

    More information on language requirements

  • Orientation: 20. February 2023 Semester 1, 2023 : 27. February - 23. June

    Orientation: 6. July 2023
    Semester 2, 2023: 17. July - 13. November.

    2023 calender

  • For bachelor studente:4 units/60 credits (100-300 level) are equivalent to 30 credits at NMBU.
    For master studenter: 3 units at 600 level are equivalent to 30 credits at NMBU.

    Read more on Massey credit system

  • There are several different options for students. It is possible to apply for housing immediately after you have been nominated.

  • For periods of study exceeding three months, a visa is necessary. To apply for a visa, it is necessary to have been accepted as an exchange student, to have received a receipt for paid tuition fees, and to be able to prove sufficient funds for covering living expenses during the stay. You can apply online through Immigration New Zealand, processing time can take up to four weeks  and the fee is approx. NZ$330.00   (more information about the visa application)

    Important: Students who are part of an approved exchange scheme must apply for a student visa before their arrival in New Zealand. This includes students who are from visa-waiver countries. Exchange students can come to New Zealand as visitors and apply for an exchange student visa within New Zealand, but this is only if they can provide an exceptional circumstance as to why they could not obtain one before they arrived. Study abroad is not considered as a recognised approved exchange scheme, therefore they can be submitted through Students online.