Degree thesis

Writing Your Degree Thesis

Masterstudent David Gottfridsson kjører drone (DJI Phantom). Han skal skrive masteroppgave i geomatikk om fotogrammetri, 3D-modellering, med fotomateriale fra droner.

Tips and advice for students writing their bachelor or master thesis as well as for supervisors for degree students 

Degree thesis writing

Deadlines for your Degree Thesis

Choise of thesis: 

Contact the student advisor at the Faculty

Submitting the contract: 

Must be submitted prior to the start of the thesis work. Contact the Faculty for accurate deadline.

Registration deadline - thesis: 

Autumn - 15 September or
Spring - 1 February

Registration deadline - spesial syllabus:

Autumn - 15 September or
Spring - 1 February

Agreement - confidential thesis:

Must be approved well in advance of the deadline for submitting the thesis

Deadline - submitting the thesis:

New deadline! Spring 2020 - 2 June 2020 at 15:00

Autumn – 15 December at 15:45 or
Spring – 15 May at 15:00