Master's Thesis

Writing Your Master's Thesis

Masterstudent David Gottfridsson kjører drone (DJI Phantom). Han skal skrive masteroppgave i geomatikk om fotogrammetri, 3D-modellering, med fotomateriale fra droner.

Master's thesis writing

Deadlines for your Master's Thesis

Choise of thesis: 

Contact the student advisor at the Faculty

Submitting the contract: 

Must be submitted prior to the start of the thesis work. Contact the Faculty for accurate deadline.

Registration deadline - thesis: 

Autumn - 15 September or
Spring - 1 February

Registration deadline - spesial syllabus:

Autumn - 15 September or
Spring - 1 February

Agreement - confidential thesis:

Must be approved well in advance of the deadline for submitting the thesis

Deadline - submitting the thesis:

Autumn – 15 December at 15:45 or
Spring – 15 May at 15:00 


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