Mixing Equipment

From a nutritional perspective, optimal compounds should be homogenous. To achieve this, six twin-shaft paddle mixers, with different capacities and volumes, are available in Fôrtek. 

Equipment specification
Two mixer-conditioners (60 and 400 liters) are equipped with electrical heating blankets in the mixer walls. Steam can be added directly to the raw material or feed compound. Water or liquid micro-components can be injected from online tanks. Minor dosing of enzymes and vitamins can be added via a 2-liter amendment tank.

400 liter Tatham (Forberg Int. license) twin-shaft mixer conditioner. Model 1992 OB-1078. Liquid supplements, ranging from water and enzymes to molasses and fat, can be automatically added. Standard recommended mixing time for research purposes is 180 seconds. 

60 liter Forberg Int. twin-shaft mixer conditioner. Model F-60. Local steering from Forberg steering panel. Steam application is controlled by the steam-meter valve. Temperature control of the heat blankets is automatic (maximum temperature 90°C).

Forberg twin-shaft paddle mixer
Forberg twin-shaft paddle mixer Photo: Dejan Miladinovic

To see video on Forberg Int. mixing click HERE

400 liter Dinnissen high speed double-shaft paddle mixer. Model: BV - Pegasus. With el. motor of 5,5kW is integrated into the automatic Norvidan-Citec steering system. Standard recommended mixing time for the research purposes is 180 seconds. 

40 liter IdeCon
twin shaft paddle mixer has the max. capacity of 240kg/h. Steering is manual from the electrical panel. The machine is mobile.

200 liter Dinnissen
twin-shaft paddle mixer-vacuum-coater. Max. capacity 1200kg/h. El. motor 3kW. Oil addition min / max is 2% / 50%. Vacuum set-point: 100% - 0% = 0,1 - 1 bar. Entire vacuum-mixer-coater line is integrated into the Norvidan-Citec system. 
To see video on Forberg Int. vacuum coating click HERE

6 liter Forberg Int. twin-shaft paddle mixer-vacuum-coater. Max. capacity 30 kg/h. El. motor 0,37 kW.
Manual steering with Forberg steering panel. The machine is mobile.

Twin shaft paddle mixer
Twin shaft paddle mixer Photo: Dinnisen
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