Long-term research collaboration will create opportunities for innovation and increased competitiveness among the user partners. Societal impact, beyond the project partners directly involved in the centre's activities, is expected.

The centre will define, evaluate, and follow up research results with innovation potential, and contribute to knowledge and technology transfer within an area with great opportunities for value creation.

Innovations in SFI earthresQue will contribute to new technology, new treatment processes, new products, new test and measurement methods, improved tools for risk management and the development of regulations. Innovations that will contribute to sustainable management and treatment of waste and surplus masses.

The maturity of technology development is often measured on a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale. The TRL of a unique product or solution indicates the status of development and available performance documentation. A centre for research-based innovation, such as SFI earthresQue, focuses on the early development phases (TRL 2-4) but will through its research activities also contribute to commercialization and spin-off projects.

Published 11. February 2021 - 12:45 - Updated 9. March 2021 - 8:51