Innovative and Sustainable Exploitation of Plant Proteins in Future Foods: Develop knowledge platform for production and utilization of Norwegian plant materials into attractive and healthy plant-based food products with high protein content.



Primary Objective: Develop the knowledge platform for optimal production and utilization of Norwegian plant raw materials into tasty, healthy and attractive plant-based food products with high protein content. Combination of knowledge from this platform will enable the Norwegian food industry to produce high quality and more sustainable plant-based alternatives to animal products and propose a path forward for accelerating the adaption and value creation from plant based protein-rich resources to future food products (FoodProFuture). Secondary objectives: • Increase the production of grain legumes in Norwegian agriculture and introduce new legumes for food production to improve crop rotations and increase crop diversity (WP2) • Select germplasms adapted to Norwegian growing conditions and a changing climate with high protein content, optimal profiles of health related compounds, low levels of antinutritional compounds and good processing quality (WP2,3,4) • Develop optimized and energy-efficient process technologies for more sustainable, attractive, healthy and well-tasting plant-based products with high protein content (WP1,2,3,4,5) • Increase sustainable production of food by valorising protein and fibre rich waste and side stream materials (WP1,3,4) • Understand consumer needs, barriers and motivations for changes to a healthier and more sustainable diet by choosing plant-based foods (WP5) • Foresee and facilitate market opportunities for increased plant proteins in foods as part of a healthy diet (WP5) • Develop innovation and co-creation methods for product development in the circular bioeconomy (WP1,2,3,4,5) • Ensure a viable commercial platform for such innovative products by communication and transfer of research results to relevant stakeholders (WP6)

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Vision of FoodProFuture: Increased production and utilization of plant protein bioresources in food products leads to a desirable shift to more plant based diets with a positive environmental impact, improved sustainable food choice for consumers, and value creation in the circular bioeconomy. 


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Work Package 1: Implement environmental & social sustainability with special focus on GHG emission reduction.


Objectives: Analyse total life cycle environmental impacts of existing protein products and for new products
and processes developed within the project. Give input during the project on how to make products and
processes as sustainable as possible. In addition, the social sustainability will be analysed, starting with a
defining stage where the most important social effects will be identified and indicators developed.

Work package 2: National plant protein bio-resources

Work package 3: Process technologies and innovative products (model foods)

Work package 4: Quality of raw and processed plant materials and pilot products

Work package 5: Consumers, innovation and market opportunities

Work package 6: Dissemination and communication of project findings

Work package 7: Project organization and management

  • Beans at the CIAT gene bank in Colombia, which has just sent its latest consignments of seeds for conservation at the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway

    Beans at the CIAT gene bank in Colombia, which has just sent its latest consignments of seeds for conservation at the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway

    Neil Palmer (CIAT)/Wikimedia Commons