Environment-oriented Geomatics

The group carries out research in the following areas:

  • Glaciology (glacier mass changes: surface energy balance modelling and observations, error assessment of geodetic and direct glaciological mass balance, and thermodynamic numerical ice volume modelling; calving of glaciers: observations from terrestrial photogrammetry, satellite imagers, and ground-based interferometric radar with subsequent multivariate statistical analyses of geodetic and geophysical data)
  • Geodynamics (post-glacial rebound and land uplift (i.e. visco-elastic processes and GIA processes), ocean tide loading at northern latitudes (elastic processes)
  • Temporal hydrological variability (observed from the ground and space)
  • Changes in soil surface (observed by remote sensing techniques)



  • Gravity Investigations at Northern High Latitudes.
  • Investigations of Surface Loads of the Earth – Geometrical Deformations and Gravity Changes.
  • Validation and exploitation of GOCE data in Norway.
  • GRACE regional gravity field analysis for cryospheric applications.


  • GNSS Precise Point Positioning.
  • GNSS and Inertial Navigation Systems.
  • Velocity estimation from GNSS time series.
  • The tide analyzed by wavelets and classical Fourier methods.


Nordic Center of excellence SVALI
Glaciology at Jan Mayen
Geodetic massbalance of Svartisen ice  cap
Calving rate at Kronebreen, Svalbard
Glaciodyn IPY
Ground based gravity, mass changes Hardangerjøkulen, Norway

Satellite remote sensing:

  • Land-use changes and their impacts on soil degradation and surface runoff of two catchments of Northern Ethiopia.
  • Effects of land-use change on carbondynamics assessed by multi-temporal satellite imagery in a mountain watershed of Nepal.
  • SRTM DEM accuracy assessmentover vegetated areas in Norway.
  • The road to deforestation: An assessment of forest loss and its causes in Basho Valley, Northern Pakistan.
Landsat ETM+, Jan Mayen.
Landsat ETM+, Jan Mayen.
Cecilie Rolstad Denby, Professor, geomatics (applications to glaciology)
Øystein B. Dick, Professor, satellite remote sensing (applications to physical geography)
Christian Gerlach
, Assoc. Professor, geomatics (satellite gravimetry; physical geodesy)
Jon Glenn Omholt Gjevestad
, Professor, geodesy (GNSS; terrestrial gravimetry)
Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen
, Professor, geodesy (physical geodesy; gravimetry; geodynamics
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