Digital electrical power systems

 Our power system is undergoing an enormous transition. We have an increasing energy consumption, at the same time as the environment needs to have our attention to achieve the climate goals. The power sector must be decarbonized, and one possible solution is electrification. This means to replace the consumption of fossil energy by electrical energy from renewable sources. On the supply side, this means an increased share of unregulated electricity production such as wind and solar power. On the demand side, we get a new consumption pattern, partly due to high intensity charging of electric vehicles. This leads to a more complex power grid.

To meet the challenges of changing supply and consumption patterns, we can use flexible power among end users. In our research group, we are developing data-driven methods to predict this consumer flexibility, in addition to looking into new business models for the future flexibility market.

Published 30. April 2021 - 12:00 - Updated 6. May 2021 - 14:26