Norwegian Research Council - MATFONDAVTALE

Project number: 301834 
Period covered - start date: 2020
Period covered - end date: 2024
Project's coordinator: NMBU - Volha Shapaval  


Project partners
Slovak University of Technology (Slovakia)
Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)
University of Munster (Germany)
Nofima (Norway)
Norilia AS (Norway)
Nortura SA (Norway)
Felleskjøpet Forutvikling BIL (Norway)
Biotec Betaglucans AS (Norway)
Ringnes AS (Norway)
Teta vannrensing (Norway)
Borregaard ASA (Norway)


Norway produces around 600 000 tons of agriculture and food supply chain by-products annually. Today, the large share of these by-products is used for low-value applications, combustion or disposed as waste. There is a huge societal and industrial need for developing processes for valorizing available agriculture by-products in a sustainable way for producing high-value product(s).
BYPROVALUE will utilize the versatile metabolism of oleaginous fungi and develop a completely new and unique value chain for valorizing Norwegian agricultural supply chain by-products - animal fat and protein by-products, rest materials from brewery and sugar-rich lignocellulose side-streams of forestry into a product with several functionalities: a multifunctional fungal biomass. Multifunctional fungal biomass could be utilised as a whole in animal feed and pet food, or fractionated down to high-value ingredients - lipids and pigments for feed and food, chitin/chitosan for water treatment applications and beta-glucans for medical applications.

Published 9. April 2020 - 14:12 - Updated 27. April 2020 - 10:47