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Rights and Power in Development (RAPID)

Research Projects

Ongoing research projects

Extracting Justice? Exploring the role of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC), consultations and compensation payments related to socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America
Noragric contact: Dr. Esben Leifsen
Funded by: Research Council of Norway

PhD Projects

Nigerian Trade Union’s: Navigating the political economy of oil 
PhD Fellow: Camilla Houeland
Funding: NMBU
Duration: 2011 - 2016
Main supervisor: John Andrew McNeish

Implementing REDD in Zanzibar Forests: An investigation of process, actors and discourses.
PhD Fellow: Grete Benjaminsen
Funding: NMBU
Duration: 2010 - 2016

Completed projects

PhD project: Between conservation and development: Traditional communities' struggle for access to natural resources in the Ribeira Valley, Brazil
PhD Fellow: Kjersti Thorkildsen 
Funding: NMBU 
Duration: 2009 - 2016

Flows and Practices: The Politics of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Africa (2011 - 2014)
Partners: Noragric; Institute of Development Studies (IDS); Wageningen University, Netherlands; International Water Management Institute, South Africa; University of Zimbabwe; Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania.
Noragric contact: Dr. Lyla Mehta
Funded by: Research Council of Norway

Contested Powers: Towards a Political Anthropology of Energy in Latin America (2010-2012)
Partners: NUPI; NIBR; CMI; UiB; Centre for Postgraduate Studies of Development and the Environment, CIDES/UMSA Bolivia; Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Study (IVIC); Institute for the Study of Society, Population and Nature in Brasilia; Faculty of Latin American Social Sciences (FLACSO) Guatemala; University of Aberdeen.
Project Leader: Prof. John Andrew McNeish
Funded by: Research Council of Norway, Latin America Programme

Rights, power and civic action: Comparative analyses of human rights-based approaches and civic struggle in development contexts. (2011)
Partners: Noragric; University of Oslo (Norwegian Centre of Human Rights).
Noragric contact: Prof. Bill Derman
Funded by: NFR

Developing nutrition interventions for improved health and productivity (2013)
Partners: Noragric; Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
Noragric Contact: Prof. Randi Kaarhus
Funded by: MFA Pantil Programme

Farmer empowerment (2013)
Partners: Noragric; Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
Noragric Contact: Prof. Randi Kaarhus
Funded by: MFA Pantil Programme

Large land deals in Africa: Gendered processes of tenure security, resource capture and collective actions (2010 - 2012)
Partners: International Food Policy Research Institute
Noragric contact: Dr. Poul Wisborg
Funded by: Research Council of Norway

In the shadow of a conflict: Impacts of Zimbabwe’s land reform on rural poverty and development in Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia (2007 - 2012)
Partners: Noragric; Institute of Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS); University of Western Cape, South Africa
Project leader: Prof. Bill Derman
Others involved at Noragric: Randi Kaarhus, Poul Wisborg and Espen Sjaastad
Funding: NFR

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