Information about the master's thesis for students at the School of Economics and Business

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The master's thesis is an independent and scientific research project in which students delve into a specific issue within their field of study. The task involves training in identifying problems, analyzing and addressing them in a scientific manner, and producing a written scientific paper on the subject.

The Process

Start early - 2nd Semester Spring

It is recommended to start thinking about the topic and relevant theories for the master's thesis during the 2nd semester. Some of the business school's master's programs organize kickoff seminars on the thesis process during this period.

Preparatory Course - 3rd Semester Fall

The business school's master's programs include a mandatory course preparing students for the thesis process. The course covers guidelines for writing the thesis, formulating the research question, writing the project description, handling research data, privacy and research ethics, and references, citation, and plagiarism. This provides a solid foundation for planning a thesis in line with research ethical standards.

After submitting a preliminary project outline in the middle of the semester, everyone will be assigned a supervisor for the master's thesis.

  • M0-ØA Planning of Master's Thesis – Master of Economics and Administration
  • M0-BIOEC Planning of Master's Thesis - Bioeconomy - Biobased Value Creation and Business Development
  • M0-EI Planning of Master's Thesis – Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • ECN305 Research Methodology in Economics - Applied Economics and Sustainability

The thesis contract is filled out in collaboration with the assigned supervisor and submitted signed by all parties to by December 1st.

Thesis - 4th Semester Spring

The administration registers all students who have applied for teaching admission to the thesis by February 1st. This registration assumes that the preparatory course has been passed with a submitted project assignment. Additionally, the thesis contract must be submitted, and approximately 90 credits must be completed before the February 1st registration.

On May 15th at 12:00, the thesis is submitted in WISEflow.


The business school encourages students to write the thesis in collaboration (preferably two students together). However, the scope of the thesis should still demonstrate the student's independent contribution. In the oral defense of the thesis, the student's understanding and independent contribution will be assessed. It is recommended to enter into a collaboration agreement for students writing the thesis together.

Thesis day and Graduation Ceremony

At the end of the spring semester, the business school organizes a thesis day where master's students present their theses and defend them in an oral hearing. The day is celebrated with a formal ceremony, including robes and hats, in a splendid rose ceremony.

Also, read guidelines and information about Degree thesis at NMBU.

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