Housing arranged through NMBU

The university has a limited number of housing units for international researchers at it's disposal. However, there is a great influx of researchers in need of housing and the demand by far outstrips available resources. Therefore, researchers are advised to contact their host department at NMBU for assistance with housing at the earliest opportunity. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that private housing options are pursued parallel to applying for researcher housing.

Note: Applications for researcher housing must be made by the host department on behalf of the interested researcher.

Private housing

Since the demand for reseacher housing at NMBU usually by far exceeds existing facilities, private housing options should be considered and investigated from the very beginning. You should also consider other locations than Ås. For example Ski (7 minutes from Ås with train/car), Vestby (8 minutes from Ås with train/car) and Oslo (30 minutes from Ås with train/car). The train station in Ås is about 15 minutes walk from NMBU.

We recommend these web pages for searching:

1. Check these bulletin boards

    • (Norwegian) - The most popular Norwegian website for housing announcements (and many other topics, e.g. jobs, items for sale).
    • - A website presenting smaller and cheaper housing units for rent, often with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.
    • - A resource for home exchanges and rentals for academics while on sabbatical leaves.
    • - A free international network for renting, subletting and swaping inexpensive accommodation among students and young academics.

2. Publish an announcement

Foreign researchers are generally considered to be pleasant and reliable renters and therefore are popular with Norwegian landlords. Try your luck by publishing an announcement specifying your particular needs and research available housing on one or several websites listed above.

Your host department may be able to offer assistance in finding private housing.

Employees hired for a minimum of one year may apply for a welfare loan to cover the deposit for house rental. Please contact your host department for further assistance.

Short-term accommodation

For short-term accommodation for guest researchers see SiÅs Housing web page or contact your host department.

Buying property

Norways most popular web search page for property sale is

The Norwegian Association of Lawyers ( may be contacted for help in finding a lawyer specialising in property law.

A property sale or purchase must be registered with an official registration authority Statens Kartverk ( (Norwegian).

Housing loan agreements                         

All members and pensioners of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund ( can apply for a housing loan with advantageous conditions (

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