TBA390 Timber Engineering

Credits (ECTS):10

Course responsible:Roberto Tomasi

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:10 credits normally equals 250 hour workload

Teaching and exam period:Autumn parallel

About this course

The main contents of the course are advanced structural engineering including truss systems, plates, shell structures, as well as advanced themes in timber engineering. Education and training is provided in FEM analysis using current software. The course includes reliability analysis in ultimate and serviceability limit states of existing buildings that is the topic of a project assignment.

Learning outcome

After completing the course, the student should be able to design complex structures to a specified level of reliability for relevant loads. The student should learn to adapt engineering designs to functional and aesthetic requirements. The course will provide knowledge about structures that need 2D elasticity theory, and knowledge and training in using FEM software for analysis and design of different structural systems. Knowledge and skills are achieved through extensive work on exercises under teacher guidance. Education and training is given in the use of FEM software for structures composed of axially loaded bars of different materials and for slabs of reinforced concrete. Reliability design will be used so that performance and costs are optimized from the perspective of the client and/or community.
  • The material is presented in lectures, supported by course compendia and distributed with written material. Then skills are activated through guided solution of a selection of tasks where the students themselves must use their knowledge to find a constructive solution. Some of the exercises are carried out in groups with subsequent presentation. A substatntial part of time is used to be familiar with the basis for, and provide relevant training to solve construction tasks using FEM software. Thereby saving time for technical calculations, so that it becomes time to familiarize themselves with several construction options, and with the current, practical work.
  • Exercise supervisors and teachers are available during office hours for guidance to exercises.
  • TBM120, TBA222, TBA223, TBA224
  • Portfolio. Compulsory individual assignments and compulsory group assignments.

    Oral presentation and oral assessments.

    Portfolio Grading: Passed / Not Passed
  • External examiner participates at the presentation of the project assignments
  • Delivery of assignments during the course
  • Lectures: 4 hours pr week

    Seminar: 2 hours pr week