M60-ABG Master's Thesis

Credits (ECTS):60

Course responsible:Peer Berg

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk, engelsk

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:1500 hours

Teaching and exam period:Autumn parallel and Spring parallel.

About this course

Students are required to write a master thesis/dissertation on a topic within the field breeding and genetics. The research proposal must be discussed and approved by with the student's supervisor. The master thesis is an independent academic work. Independent gathering and analysis of sources (primary and/or secondary) are key elements of the dissertation. The student may also conduct fieldwork. The student is supervised in developing a research proposal.

Learning outcome

A master thesis is a comprehensive working process. When completed, it provides the student with in depth knowledge of a specific topic and relevant methods and theories. The master thesis will have been structured according to academic standards. Throughout this process, the student will have gained specific knowledge, skills and competence:

  • The student will have experience in searching for various sources, reading and assessing them in the relation to a specified issue within aquaculture.
  • The student will have presented the research topic, including methodology, data collection and analysis.
  • Through supervision, the student will have gained insight into the various steps of a research process, including methodical and ethical concerns.
  • If the student has conducted fieldwork and gathered primary data, practical experience will have been gained in assessing sources and collecting data in the field, in addition to the explanation of research results.
  • The student will have gained experience in processing feedback and can critically reflect on the results of the research and the working process.
  • Supervision: Each student is entitled to 80 hours of supervision (including the supervisor's share of the marking) for a 60 ECTS master thesis.
  • It is recommended that the students actively use the courses that the University Library, Writing Centre and other resources that the University offers.
  • Solid knowledge within the subject of the thesis
  • One written thesis and oral discussion.

  • The degree thesis shall be graded by at least one external examiner and one internal examiner. The main supervisor is usually the internal examiner.
  • The student must submit a signed contract to the study administration at the faculty before he/her can start working on his/hers thesis.
  • Students at other master program at NMBU are welcome to do a thesis at BIOVIT.
  • Masterstudents admitted to EM-ABG - European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics. .