LAA233 Project Management

Credits (ECTS):7.5

Course responsible:Tone Lindheim

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Limits of class size:40

Course frequency:Yearly

Nominal workload:A total of 187,5 hours

Teaching and exam period:This course starts and ends in the fall semester

About this course

Through lectures, role play, individual tasks, and not least a week of work in a professional practice, the course concentrates on the different roles of landscape architects and landscape engineers in different stages of planning, design and building projects.

Learning outcome

Learning outcome

Students will gain knowledge of

  • Roles and duties in design- og construction projects
  • How to take care of and develop qualities in landscape, in the design phase, the construction phase and for maintenance.

Students will be able to:

  • Reflect on the complexity of the projects, and on requirements in professional life.
  • Reflect on challenges and experiences in the different roles and phases of a project.
  • The course is built around site visits, lectures, own studies and problem solving. The tasks are primarily done in groups, but will also require individual work. The projects will be presented and considered in a discussion with teaching staff present. A practice week is included. The students will prepare well for the practice week, and will write a thorough report of the experience.
  • Guidance is given in plenary and in groups
  • The first and second years for B-Li og equivalent must be completed. B-Li students who want an exchange must contact the study counselor in the spring of the first year
  • Portfolio assessment with submission of assignments along the way. Individual folder with assignments is delivered in Canvas by the set deadline. Passed / failed
  • Sensor approves the design of exam assignment and the examiner supervision.
  • Active participation in group work and a week\s practice or equivalent approved program. At least 80% attendance in the teaching and approved 100% of the course assignments.
  • The course is under development. Adjustments may occur.

    If the course is not completed it has to be taken again fully.

    The student must pay for expenses for travel to one excursion in Oslo

    and expenses for travel to working place for one week practice.

  • 25% (47 hours) are structured teaching (lectures, supervision, review in plenary, excursions) and 75% (140 hours) are self-study, problem solving and group work.
  • B-LI. In case of vacancy, M-LA students have priority.
  • Passed / Not Passed
  • General university admission certification