ARK300 Architecture and Sustainability IV

Credits (ECTS):10

Course responsible:Eva Gabrielle Héléne Bergh

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Course frequency:yearly

Teaching and exam period:Autumn semester

About this course

SUMMARY: Design of complex buildings with a focus on the connection between architecture, sustainability, construction and building physics.

The purpose of the course is to work on a complex project where we work with architecture, sustainability, construction and building physics. It is assumed that analysis methods and design theory from the subjects Architecture and Sustainability I, II and III or similar subjects are known and that the students apply this knowledge in the course. The theory part will largely be linked to the topic and academic focus that the project assignment entails.

Central themes that can be included are; sustainable architecture, typology, town plan, building protection, universal design and detailing depending on the nature of the design task. The functional, aesthetic, technical and environmental impact is analyzed and seen in context. The project is carried out under guidance with a background in field registrations. A written explanation, drawings and model must be prepared. The course is based on the use of digital tools, e.g. ArchiCAD. Normally, a non-compulsory study trip related to the chosen subject will also be planned so that you get common references and look at examples of solutions from the real world.

Learning outcome

The aim is for the student to demonstrate a good ability for synthetic thinking and to be able to cope with the main challenge of creating good buildings and building environments where the various aspects of function, aesthetics, sustainability and construction technology are given a balanced assessment in the form of drawings, models and descriptions. The course will enable students to develop/familiarize themselves with a space program for a complex project and translate this into a planned, sustainable project with associated detailing. The students must be able to explain the connection between a problem, idea and the prepared proposal.
  • The learning takes place through a combination of lectures, fieldwork, guided project work in groups and project presentation.
  • Extensive supervision is given in the scheduled hours.
  • TBA210 ARK 200
  • Semester project with project report, containing drawings and description, and oral presentation.