Bicycle motel and bicycle shelter

NMBU is testing out bicycle motels in the old heating centre. Here, students and staff can leave their bicycles in a safe place. This is especially important if the bike is to be left overnight. To gain access, you must register here and always remember your access card.

Bicycles can be stored here at your own risk and must be properly locked. NMBU is not responsible for stolen bicycles. Security cameras have been installed inside the motel and in case of a police report, the police will ask for an access request. Recordings are automatically deleted after seven days. There are no arrangements for washing bicycles or charging electric bicycles/scooters.

You can repair your bike at the bicycle shelter and it is open to everyone.

Sykkelmotell på campus

Find "varmesentralen" on Mazemap

Bicycle shelter

In connection with the bicycle motel, we have also opened "Sykkelbua". It is open to everyone and here you do not need to register or use a key card. Here we have tools, pumps and repair jacks that make it easier to do the job. We hope everyone contributes to us keeping the tool and things in order.

Background the bicycle motel

Several proposals have been received that NMBU should develop a cycling hotel. This has been particularly pronounced among winter cyclists and those who cycle long distances, and who leave their bikes until the next day. From experience, we know that the big advantage of being a cyclist is that it is possible to cycle all the way to the door where you work, and that we are not familiar with bicycle theft during the day here at NMBU. Therefore, we are a little uncertain about the need for a bicycle motel. Slightly different experiences with how much cycle hotels are otherwise used mean that we are now testing the need for a cycle motel in the heating center with a very affordable solution. We have therefore used ordinary bicycle racks inside the building so that they can be reused outside if it turns out that the bicycle motel is not being used.