Research Support Office

Research Support Office

Are you looking for information about research funding or assistance with research contracts? Do you need information about the EU research programme or help with an application for EU funding? Our colleagues in Research, innovation and external cooperation may assist you in finding answers to all these questions.

The Research Support Office:

  • Supports NMBU's activities in research and PhD education, and cooperation with the corporate sector 
  • Offers assistance to staff, students and businesses in the fields of commercialisation and innovation
  • Provides administration and strategic services for the University management, University Board and Research Committee


Legal issues regarding contracts, agreements, intellectual property rights.

Legal issues regarding contracts, agreements, intellectual property rights.

Internasjonal research cooperation, NORHED, cooperation with the University of Minnesota, communication advisor for EU applications

Deputy manager and senior adviser. Research politics and strategy development, advice on research and research education, research excellence and talent program.

PhD education: admission and completion, PhD admin management, diploma, regulations.

EU Research funding; Horizon 2020, ERA, JPI, COST, PES funding, consultancy assistance for application writing

EU research funding, EU proposal support

PhD education administration, general administrative activities, web administration

National and international research policy, "Det grønne skiftet", Research Awards, research infrastructure, NMBU cooperation with the University of Oslo and the Forskningsparken.

National and Nordic research policies, external research funding, international funding

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