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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
GEO310 Paleoenvironment and Climate Change EN, NO 10
GEO300 Advanced Hydrogeology EN, NO 10
GEO220 Hydrogeology EN, NO 10
GEO100 Geology NO 10
GMLM213 Geodesy NO 10
GEN220 Genetic Basis of Biodiversity EN 10
FYS488 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
FYS481 Biological Physics EN, NO 10
FYS476 Solar Energy NO 10
FYS474 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS473 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS401 Light and Biological Material EN 10
FYS388 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
FYS381 Biological Physics EN, NO 10
FYS377 Electrical Power Systems EN, NO 10
FYS376 Solar Energy NO 10
FYS375 Energy Technology, Lab NO 10
GMLM102 Geodetic Surveying Basics NO 10
GMUJ210 Parameter Estimation NO 10
FYS102 Thermophysics and Electromagnetism NO 10
HFA400 Quantitative Genetics EN, NO 10
FYS373 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS210 Hydrodynamics NO 10
FYS230 Electrical Engineering NO 10
HFX201 Physiology NO 10
HFH251 Equine Therapy and Business NO 10
HFE400 Lipid Metabolism EN, NO 10
HFE310 Management of Production, Risk and Innovation in Feed Production EN 10
HFE308 Optimalization of Feed Processing for Different Animal Species EN 10
HFE305 Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 10
HFE303 Nutrition and Optimisation of Diets for Monogastric Animals EN, NO 10
HFE200 General Nutrition EN 10
HFA401 Biometrical Methods in Animal Breeding EN, NO 10
HFA304 Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 10
HET201 Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare NO 10
FYS241 Environmental Physics NO 10
HFA300 Animal Breeding Plans EN, NO 10
HFA251 General animal breeding in large and small populations NO 10
HFA200 General Animal Breeding NO 10
HET401 Individual PhD Course in Ethology EN, NO 10
HET303 Farm Animal Environment II NO 10
FYS245 Quantum Physics NO 10
FYS271 Energy Physics and Energy Conversion EN, NO 10
FYS301 Light and Biological Material EN 10
HET301 The Biology of Animal Stress and Its Implications for Animal Welfare NO 10
HET300 Scientific Methods in Ethology NO 10
HET210 Farm Animal Environment I NO 10
HFA301 Calculation of Breeding Values EN, NO 10
MINA300 Biogeochemistry, Global Change EN, NO 10
MATH100 Introductory Mathematics NO 10
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