Course code GMFO120

GMFO120 Photogrammetry 1

Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2014 - 2015 .

Course responsible: Ivar Maalen-Johansen
Teachers: Knut Bjørkelo
ECTS credits: 10
Faculty: Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Teaching exam periods:
This course starts in the Spring parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in the Spring parallel.
Course frequency: Annually
First time: Study year 2004-2005
Preferential right:
Course contents:

Lectures: The process of photogrammetric mapping. Flight planning. Aerial cameras. The perspective projection. Transformations. Internal and external orientation. Quality and control.

Exercises: Central projection in space. Conform transformation. Accuracy of coordinates and maps.

Learning outcome:
To gain knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of photogrammetry and get an introduction to the process of photogrammetric mapping.
Learning activities:
Lectures and compulsory exercises.
Teaching support:
Teaching support will be given primarily in connection with that part of the structured teaching that is set aside for exercise guidance. It will also be possible to communicate directly with the subject teacher by appointment during office hours.
Ø. Andersen: Orientering i stereoinstrument. Chapters and articles from other sources.
Recommended prerequisites:
INF100, elementary skills in Matlab.
Mandatory activity:
Written examination
Nominal workload:
300 hours.
Entrance requirements:
Special requirements in science
Reduction of credits:
Type of course:
Lectures: 30 hours. Exercises: 60 hours.
The external and internal examiner jointly prepare the exam questions and the correction manual. The external examiner reviews the internal examiner's examination results by correcting a random sample of candidate¿s exams as a calibration according to the Department's guidelines for examination markings.
Allowed examination aids: Calculator handed out, no other aids
Examination details: One written exam: A - E / Ikke bestått