Course code EDS203

EDS203 Introduction to International Relations

Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2015 - 2016 .

Course responsible: Kirsti Stuvøy
ECTS credits: 5
Faculty: Department of International Environment and Development Studies
Teaching language: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Teaching exam periods:
This course starts in August block. This course has teaching/evaluation in August block, .
Course frequency: Annually
First time: Study year 2010-2011
Preferential right:
Course contents:
The course give a simple introduction to the various approaches to international relations, Realism. Liberalism, Marxism, Constructivism, as well as to international history.
Learning outcome:
The course provide a very simple introduction to international relations, as well as contemporary history. It also functions as an introduction to accademic writing skills.
Learning activities:
Learning methods will include lectures, discussions, group work, oral and written presentations, and consultations with advisors.
Teaching support:
Office hours and procedures are established at the first class meeting. A course schedule is handed out at the same time.
John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens (2008) The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations.
Bachelor degree
Recommended prerequisites:
Mandatory activity:
Submit signed plagiarism declaration.
Individual paper counts 100%. Exam only in English
Nominal workload:
150 hours
Entrance requirements:
Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse)
Reduction of credits:
Type of course:
The course will run over 2 weeks with 4 hours of lectures every day.
Internal and external examiners will grade the paper.
Examination details: Continuous exam: Bestått / Ikke bestått