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Course idsort descending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
AQX251 Sustainability and Welfare in Aquaculture EN 5
AQX300 Applied Aquaculture EN 10
ARK100 Architecture and Sustainability I NO 10
ARK110 Architecture and Sustainability II NO 10
ARK200 Architecture and Sustainability III NO 10
ARK300 Architecture and Sustainability IV NO 15
B15-AA Bachelor's Thesis NO 15
B15-BIOL Bachelor's Thesis EN, NO 15
B15-BIOTEK Bachelor's Thesis EN, NO 15
B15-DS Bachelor's Thesis 15
B15-HV Bachelor's Thesis 15
B15-KJEMI Bachelor's Thesis EN, NO 15
B15-LI Bachelor's Thesis NO 15
B15-MILJØ Bachelor's Thesis 15
B15-PV Bachelor's Thesis EN, NO 15
BIN210 Introduction to Bioinformatics NO 10
BIN300 Statistical Genomics EN 10
BIN301 Genomic and Pedigree-Based Prediction of Genetic Value EN 10
BIN302 Advanced analysis for high throughput phenotyping and precision farming EN 10
BIN303 Biometrical Methods in Breeding EN, NO 5
BIN310 Selected Topics in Microbial Genomics EN, NO 10
BIN315 Selected Topics in Functional Genomics EN 10
BIN403 Biometrical Methods in Breeding EN, NO 5
BIN420 Bioinformatics for Functional Meta-Omics EN 5
BINT300 Internship Plant Sciences EN, NO 10
BINT301 Internship Animal Science EN, NO 10
BINT302 Internship Aquaculture EN, NO 10
BINT303 Internship feed manufactoring technology EN, NO 10
BINT304 Internship Urban Agriculture EN, NO 10
BIO100 Cell Biology NO 5
BIO101 Introduction to Biotechnology and Chemistry NO 5
BIO120 Genetics NO 10
BIO130 General Microbiology I NO 5
BIO140 Introduction to Biology NO 5
BIO200 Molecular Genetics in Eukaryotes EN, NO 5
BIO210 Molecular Biology NO 10
BIO211 Laboratory Course in Molecular Biology NO 5
BIO223 Evolutionary Biology NO 10
BIO230 General Microbiology II NO 10
BIO233 Experimental Environmental Microbiology NO 10
BIO234 Environmental Microbiology NO 5
BIO235 Biotechnology and Chemistry in Business Life NO 5
BIO244 Plant Biotechnology: Cell- and Tissue Culture and Genetic Modifications EN, NO 5
BIO246 Thematic Essay in Plant Biotechnology/Plant Breeding EN, NO 5
BIO248 Plant Breeding NO 10
BIO300 Microscopy Techniques EN, NO 10
BIO301 Advanced Cell Biology EN 10
BIO314 Fish Physiology and Aquatic Adaptations EN, NO 5
BIO315 Behavioural biology in fishes EN, NO 5
BIO320 Developmental Biology EN, NO 5
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