Course code BIO230

BIO230 General Microbiology II

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2016 - 2017 .

Course responsible: Leiv Sigve Håvarstein, Leiv Sigve Håvarstein
ECTS credits: 10
Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Teaching exam periods:
This course starts in Spring parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in Spring parallel.
Course frequency: Annually
First time: Study year 2006-2007
Course contents:

The first part of the course focuses on how bacteria obtain energy, how this energy drives various catabolic and anabolic processes in the cell, and the regulation of these processes. In addition, bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) and viruses specific for eukaryotic organisms are covered.

The last part of the course focuses on the great diversity of bacteria found in nature:

  • First, the general principles used in bacterial classification and phylogeny are discussed.
  • Secondly, the most important groups of bacteria are described by emphasising their most characteristic properties.
Learning outcome:
The course provides students with an overview of the structure, metabolism and genetics of bacteria, and familiarizes students with the many different energy and carbon sources used by bacteria to survive under various external conditions. The classification of bacteria and connections between bacteria are also emphasised, and characteristic properties of the most central groups of bacteria are described. In addition, the course gives an overview over the most important bacterial and animal viruses with respect to structure, replication and host specificity.
Learning activities:
Teaching support:
The teacher can be contacted via e-mail ( and Fronter.

Textbook: Prescotts  Microbiology. Willey, Sherwood and Woolverton (McGraw-Hill).

Other written material will be handed out or is available in Fronter.

Microbiology equivalent to BIO130. Molecular Biology equivalent to BIO210. Biochemistry equivalent to KJB200.
Recommended prerequisites:
Biochemistry equivalent to KJB201/210.
Written exam (3.5 hours). 
Nominal workload:
The workload is divided as follows: Lectures: 46 hours. Individual study: 254 hours.
Entrance requirements:
Special requirements in Science
Type of course:
Lectures: 4 hours per week. 46 hours of lectures in total.
An external examiner approves and grades a minimum of 25 exam papers.
Allowed examination aids: No calculator, no other aids
Examination details: One written exam: A - E / Ikke bestått