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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
PJH230 Fruit and Berries NO 10
PJH250 Plant production in controlled environment EN, NO 10
MATH270 Complex Analysis and Transformation Methods EN 10
PJH340 Quality in Food Plants EN, NO 10
PJH350 Applied Plant Physiology in Greenhouses EN, NO 10
PLV210 Plant Protection in Urban Horticulture NO 10
PLV321 Plant Pathology and Resistance Breeding EN, NO 10
PPAF400 Philosophy of Science Action Research EN, NO 10
PPFO402 The Way of the Researcher EN, NO 10
LAD202 3D Computer Modelling for Landscape Architecture NO 10
LAA361 Regional Landscape Planning and Community Development - Module 1 NO 10
LAA321 3D Visualization of Historic Landscape NO 10
LAA320 Outdoor Lighting Design NO 10
LAA313 Physical Environments - Use and Experiences EN, NO 10
LAA310 Roads and Railways in Landcape NO 10
MATH250 Partial Differential Equations and Models EN 10
MATH280 Applied Linear Algebra EN 10
LAA231 Sustainable Green Space Management – The Landscape Planner as an Influencer NO 10
MVI310 Proteins, Polysaccharides and Fat/Oils: Structure and Functionality EN, NO 10
MVI395 Safety in Industrial Processes EN, NO 10
NATF100 Introductory Nature Management NO 10
NATF240 Fishery Management NO 10
NATF260 Multi-Disciplinary Impact Assessment NO 10
MVI385 Food Product Development EN, NO 10
MVI381 Current Challenges in Meat Production NO 10
MVI361 Unit Operations and Measurement Methods EN, NO 10
NATF320 Ecology and Management of Natural Resources in the Tropics EN 10
MVI322 Pathogenic Microorganisms EN, NO 10
NATF330 Wildlife Management NO 10
MVI320 Fish Processing Technology NO 10
MVI292 The Immune System, Food and Health EN 10
MATH285 Optimization EN 10
NATF340 Management of Freshwater Fish NO 10
MVI275 Unprocessed Edible Plants EN, NO 10
MVI274 Muscle Food - Science and Technology EN, NO 10
MVI273 Milk and Milk Processing NO 10
MVI220 Food Microbiology NO 10
PHG113 Landscape Plants - Basic Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology NO 10
MINA300 Global Change of the Earth System EN, NO 10
MINA200 Pollution - Environment NO 10
MINA100 Introduction to Environment and Natural Resources NO 10
MATH401 Modern Applied Mathematics EN 10
MATH310 Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics EN 10
MATH290 Real Analysis EN 10
LAA307 Planning of Cemeteries. Theory - Site - Consept NO 10
LAA216 Construction Technique NO 10
SKOG340 Forest Engineering and Logistics II NO 10
SKOG220 Silviculture NO 10
INN372 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship NO 10
INN355 Machine Learning for Business Process Optimisation EN 10
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