Course code ARK100

ARK100 Architecture and Sustainability I

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2022 - 2023 .

Course responsible: Martin Ebert
Teachers: Eva Gabrielle Héléne Bergh
ECTS credits: 10
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Teaching exam periods:
Spring semester
Course frequency: yearly
First time: Study year 2021-2022
Course contents:

Architecture and sustainability I: Form, space, order and architectural methods.

The course includes an introduction in form, shape, order and architectural composition, including a basic course in model building and colour. In addition to lessons and practical workshops the course includes basic techniques oaf architectural communication (plans, sections, facades, perspective and oral presentation). The course is organised around a small project that has to be designed according to program, site, terrain and architectural concept.

Learning outcome:
The students will obtain a basic understanding of conceptual thinking and communication in architecture. The student will be able to develop and present a small architectural design through drawings, model and oral description.
Learning activities:
Lessons, workshops and supervised exercises. Possibility to join a supplementary study trip will be offered.

Ching, Francis: Form, Space, Order.

Ching, Francis: Design drawing.

Recommended prerequisites:
TBA100, TBA110, TBA150
Mandatory activity:
Compulsory assignments.
Partial assignments will be announced during the course. Project assignment to be submitted in the last week of the semester.
Examination details: Project work: Letter grades