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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
GEO220 Hydrogeology EN, NO 5
GEO211 Quaternary Geology - Field Course NO 5
HFE311 Leadership in Sustainable Feed Production 5
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I EN 5
HFH150A Equine Reproduction NO 5
HFH150B Equine Exercise Physiology and Nutrition NO 5
FYS385 Project in Biological Physics EN, NO 5
GMFO310 Close-Range Photogrammetry NO 5
HFE202 Concentrate Feed NO 5
HFH150C Equine Ethology NO 5
GMSG200 Satellite Geodesy EN, NO 5
HFA201 Domestic Animal Genetic Resources NO 5
PLV330 Insect-Plant Relationships EN 5
PLV340 Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships EN, NO 5
PLV420 NOVA PhD Course. Plant diseases: From survival to Epidemics and Management Strategies EN 5
PPDA400A Discourse Analysis of School Subjects´ Practices EN, NO 5
PJH360 Term Paper in Plant Production EN, NO 5
GMSG210 Satellite Positioning NO 5
GMLM211 Marine Geodesy NO 5
HFE100 Introduction to Nutrition NO 5
GMLM105 Geomatics for Civil and Landscape Engineers NO 5
HFA303 Biological Aspects of Animal Breeding NO 5
GMGM399 Geomatics, Project Work EN, NO 5
GMGM200 Geomatics and Society NO 5
HFA320 Horse Breeding NO 5
PJH251 Bedding Plant Production of Flowers and Vegetables in Greenhouses EN, NO 5
GMGI102 Geographical Information Systems, Basics NO 5
PØL100 Ecological Agriculture NO 5
REIS202 Rural Development and Tourism NO 5
FEP201 Diseases and Pests on Trees NO 5
FMI320 Environmental Analysis NO 5
FORN320 Project Planning and Management in Energy and Resource Management NO 5
HFX130D Basic Animal Science/ Module D - Animal Ethology NO 5
HFX130E Basic Animal Science/ Module E - Animal Nutrition NO 5
FORN230 Energy Policy and Markets NO 5
HFX130F Basic Animal Science/ Module F - Animal Breeding and Genetics NO 5
PHI301 Corporate Social Responsibility NO 5
PHI201 Bioscience, Ethics and Environmental Philosophy NO 5
HFX204 Reindeer Husbandry NO 5
HFX130B Basic Animal Science/ Module B - Challenges for Future Food Production NO 5
STAT200 Regression Analysis EN, NO 5
FHV352 Project Plan for Master Thesis in Public Health Science NO 5
FHV351 Project Plan for Master Thesis in Public Health Science NO 5
TMP160 Engineering Design NO 5
HFX206 Product Quality, Meat and Fish EN, NO 5
STAT210 Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance EN, NO 5
HFX207 Introduction to Animal Production and Fish Farming in Developing Countries EN 5
HFX130C Scientific Processes and Methods NO 5
HFX130A Basic Animal Science/ Module A - Practical Animal Husbandry NO 5
HFH150D Equine Breeding, Basic NO 5
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