International Environment and Development studies

PhD Programme in International Environment and Development studies

Department of International Environment and Development Studies (Noragric), Faculty of Landscape and Society

Duration: 3 years
Start: September
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What can you use this qualification for?
Noragric PhD graduates are expected to be at the forefront of knowledge in international environment and development studies, and have a systematic understanding of scholarly theories and methods in the field.
What will you learn?

This PhD programme is at the heart of NMBU 's mandate with its focus on global challenges related to environmental and climate change, sustainable food production and natural resources management and the governance implications for people's rights and well-being.

Short description

This programme integrates development issues with research on environmental problems and natural resource management, resource rights and conflicts, human security, environmental governance, agricultural development and food security.The programme has a clear interdisciplinary profile both in recruitment of candidates and in the topics and problem areas investigated.

The PhD research is typically:

  • Holistic in analysis, yet problem-oriented and practical in aim
  • Pursued through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches which make use of the specialised expertise offered by various academic disciplines
  • Undertaken in partnership with local governments, institutions and groups
  • Concerned with sustainability, equity and empowerment

PhD Courses at Noragric and the Faculty of Landscape and Society:

EDS430 Environment and Development Studies by and for PhD students 
EDS415 Qualitative Methods in Development Studies
SDP405 Framing the PhD
SDP406 Academic writing and publishing
SDP415 Theory of science in development and planning studies

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