MINA413 Popular science article

Credits (ECTS):2

Course responsible:Jan Elbertus Vermaat

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk

Course frequency:Yearly

Nominal workload:

50 hours

  • Individual work 45 hours
  • Supervision 5 hours

Teaching and exam period:Continuous teaching and assessment.

About this course

Writing and publishing (or presenting) a popular science article

Learning outcome

After completion the PhD-candidate has acquired competence to communicate own research work in a popular science format. This includes:

  • Tell a story that grasps the attention of the general public
  • To summarize the work in a narrative that links to everyday life and major issues of societal relevance
  • To prepare and publish/presenting a popular science communication item.
  • Supervisor(s) and communication advisor
  • MSc or other equivalent education
  • Written or presented popular science item.

  • The external sensor evaluates and accepts the course and the evaluation criteria.


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