M60-BIAS Master's Thesis

Credits (ECTS):60

Course responsible:Hilde Vinje

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:1500 hours.

Teaching and exam period:Starting in the autumn parallel and spring parallel.

About this course

Modern biology uses both bioinformatics and applied statistics in analysis and systematizing of data. These subject areas are highly relevant for disciplines that contribute to the transition towards a greener and and more sustainable society, that includes data collecting and analyzes.

The Master thesis consists of an original research project during the last two semesters of the study. The Master thesis can be written as a monograph or scientific article an introductory chapter. Students receive guidance from appointed supervisor and co-supervisor(s). The guidelines shall ensure that students receive advice on literature, practical advice on any data collection, and ethical guidelines. The exam consists of the submission of the thesis and an oral examination in the form of a presentation and discussion about the thesis. The oral examination can be used to adjust the grade on the thesis.

Learning outcome

KNOWLEDGE: After completing the thesis, the student will be able to conduct an independent research project on a selected topic.

SKILLS: Use relevant theories and research methods as a tool in research. Analyze and draw conclusions from an independent research project.

GENERAL COMPETENCE: Convey information based on the independent research project in writing and orally. Read, understand and make use of research litterature. Adhere to ethics guidelines.

  • Independent work under supervision.
  • The student is entitled to 80 hours of supervision totally, including assessment of the thesis.
  • It requires a relevant Bachelor's degree and admission to the Master's program in Bioinformatics and Applied statistics at NMBU.
  • Written assignment and oral defense counts 100 %.
  • An external examiner will participate in the assessment of the thesis and the oral examination.
  • Approved Master`s contract between student and supervisor(s),with detailed progressplan, to be handed in at the Faculty before the project starts.
  • Supervision in English on demand.

    The main supervisor must be a scientific employee at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Co-supervisors may be employed at other universities or external research institutions / industry. Co-supervisors must be approved by the main supervisor and the responsible Faculty. The total hours of supervision are to be divided between all supervisors.

  • The student work full-time with the thesis in two semesters.
  • M-BIAS
  • Letter grades
  • The course is reserved for students who are admitted to the Master's program in Bioinformatics and Applied Statistics.