HFX407 Emissions and Microbiota: a path to sustainable animal production

Credits (ECTS):5

Course responsible:Angela Dagmar Schwarm

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk

Limits of class size:


The course will not be given if less than 5 students.

Course frequency:Every second year (2024,2026,..)

Nominal workload:125 hours (25 hours per credit point), consisting of class contact hours and work with compulsory activities outside scheduled instruction.

Teaching and exam period:

August block

Week 35 and 36

09.00 - 14.30 h.

About this course

Qualify the students to conduct, evaluate and discuss experiments and concepts in (animal nutrition) research related to feed digestion by microbial fermentation and emissions of methane

Learning outcome

KNOWLEDGE. The student shall:

-know methods and factors determining and measures reducing methane emissions from ruminant livestock

-know genomics data processing to characterize microbial functions

-have knowledge about life cycle analysis

SKILLS. The student will:

-be able to conduct in vitro experiments with rumen fluid (sampling, laboratory analyses)

-be able to evaluate and interpret the data generated in this course and to write a joint manuscript

-be able to contribute in investigation of methane emissions from ruminant livestock

GENERAL COMPETENCE. The student will:

-be able to inform professionals about own research results

-be able to contribute to measures aiming at reducing methane emissions from ruminant livestock production

  • Hands on experience in rumen content sampling and in vitro batch culture, GreenFeed system, self study, student lectures, exercises, individual and group work, paper writing and cross-reading.
  • Course responsible/teachers supervise lab work, data interpretation, paper writing and individual and group work. Powerpoint presentations and literature are available in Canvas.
  • Master in animal science, biology, veterinary science or equivalent
  • Portfolio assessment: presentation, paper writing, and presence and active participation in the course. Passed / not passed.

    Portfolio assessment Grading: Passed / Not Passed
  • Course responsible/teacher and fellow students conduct portfolio assessment
  • Presence and active participation in the course and in the group work are prerequisites for participating in the exam. Participation in min 80% of the teaching time.
  • Master and PhD students

    Students who have taken HFE314 will be prioritized.