FYS374 Battery and fuel cell technology

Credits (ECTS):10

Course responsible:Jorge Mario Marchetti, Jorge Mario Marchetti

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk

Course frequency:Starts in 2018 and it will be given every second year

Nominal workload:Organized lectures will be 4 h x13 weeks (52 hours) and 2 h x13 weeks colloquium with the TA . Total workload is 250 hours, the difference consisting of own studies, preparation for lectures.

Teaching and exam period:This course has teaching/evaluation in the autumn parallel.

About this course

  • Principles for electrochemical energy conversion and thermodynamics
  • Electromotive force and capacitance
  • Electrode materials
  • Electrode reactions
  • Choice of commercially available systems

Learning outcome

The course is aimed at giving competence in principles and technology for electrochemical conversion of energy.
  • The lectures will cover the main topics, ideas, theories, methods and approximations used in fuel cell and batteries.
  • The course responsible will be available at request
  • KJM100, FYS253, FYS254, FYS272, MATH111, MATH112, MATH113
  • Final written examination, 3.5, hours. Grading will be A til F.

  • The external and internal examiner jointly prepare the exam questions and the correction manual. The external examiner reviews the internal examiner's examination results by correcting a random sample of candidate's exams as a calibration according to the Department's guidelines for examination markings.
  • There will be a mandatory hand-in.
  • Engelsk: 2x2 hours per week. Colloquia with TA 1x2 hs per week.
  • FYS371 - 1 sp reduction

    FYS474 - 10 sp reduction

  • Special requirements in Science