FYS007 Preparatory Physics

Course responsible:Mareile Astrid Wolff

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Course frequency:Annually

Teaching and exam period:January block

About this course

This is preparatory course for students who will be taking FYS100 or FYS101.

-Repetition of basic high-school physics for students who will continue with FYS100 or FYS101.

-Introduction to solving strategies, assignment management incl. diagram drawing

-Introduction to academic studying techniques, using textbook and online resources

-Training in small group discussion as a learning technique.

Topics covered will be different for FYS100 and FYS101 students and is adjusted to fit the following courses.

Learning outcome

Students will be able to

  • apply basic study techniques, problem solving strategies and assignment management
  • know terms and definitions used in the physics topics of included in FYS100 and FYS101
  • have established a cooperation with group partner which may continue in next course
  • feel confidence in moving on with FYS100 or FYS101
  • Colloquia, self study, mentoring, lectures on a few selected topics, excursion
  • Daily mentoring of the colloquia-groups, use of teaching platform
  • None
  • No exam

  • Two course alternatives:

    1. Daytime: mandatory daily attendance between 09 am and 03 pm
    2. Evening sessions: recommended daily attendance between 03 pm and 08 pm
  • selfstudy in colloquia-groups: 14 days à 6 hours= 84 hours

    excursion: about 6 hours