ECOL330 Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Conservation

Credits (ECTS):5

Course responsible:Torbjørn Haugaasen

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:Lectures: 26 hours. The students' own reading and exam preparation ca. 100 hours.

Teaching and exam period:This course starts in the Autumn parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in the Autumn parallel.

About this course

The course will give students insights into the origin and evolution of tropical rainforests and provide a biogeographical comparison of all the major tropical rainforest regions. Important ecological concepts in evolution and speciation, and theories of maintenance of species diversity, will be explored in a rainforest setting. Key aspects of community and landscape ecology and dynamics will also be examined. The course will further address tropical rainforest conservation in a global and regional perspective, in conjunction with contemporary and future threats to biodiversity through human impacts.

Learning outcome


Students will gain a detailed understanding of the ecology and conservation of tropical rainforests.


The students will be able to identify unique animal and plant characteristics of rainforests from each continent and understand the complexity of rainforest ecosystems in addition to the threats they face.


The student will after the course have a deeper understanding, and be able to discuss important aspects, of current challenges with rainforest conservation action and future scenarios, particularly related to human impacts.

  • Lectures
  • The candidate can seek academic guidance from course teachers during office hours.
  • Completed bachelor degree and ecological knowledge at the ECOL200 level
  • Written examination (3 hours) at the end of the course.

  • An external examiner and the course director evaluate the exam papers.
  • Lectures: 2h per week
  • Special requirements in Science