ECOL201 Ecology Essay

Credits (ECTS):5

Course responsible:Erik Trond Aschehoug

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk, norsk

Limits of class size:40

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:Lectures ca 5 hours. Work on the semester assignment ca 120 hours.

Teaching and exam period:This course starts in Spring parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in Spring parallel, .

About this course

This is a semester-long, semi-independent course in which students write a scientific review paper on a topic of their choice in ecology. In this class, students will gain skills in literature search, scientific literature reading and comprehension, and writing in a scientific style. For students who will do a master’s degree in Ecology or Natural resource management, ECOL201 is an opportunity to explore and write about potential thesis topics.

Learning outcome


Students will gain a complete understanding of how to write a scientific review paper from existing scientific literature. In addition, students will gain specific knowledge on a topic in ecology, including previous research studies and methods.


After the course, students will have the skills necessary to:

Perform searches for scientific journal articles using Google Scholar and Web of Science

Read and understand scientific literature

Write in a scientific style

Assemble a scientific paper following journal guidelines

Use EndNote to organize literature and format references and citations


The course will develop the student’s ability to read, understand and synthesize scientific literature in ecology. In addition, students will expand their understanding of the natural world, ecological processes, and ecosystems. This competence will serve as the basis for writing scientific documents in the future, such as master’s and Ph.D. theses.

  • Lectures, optional work sessions and semi-independent study resulting in the completion of a scientific review article.
  • Students can get guidance and ask questions during weekly work sessions or lectures during the semester.
  • Basic knowledge in ecology
  • The course evaluation is based on one independent work (semester assignment).

  • Quality assurance by the use of an external examiner .
  • Students must sign a plagiarism agreement, have their topic approved, and complete assignments.
  • Introductory lecture (1 hour); additional lectures (ca. 4hrs) and optional organized group work time (ca 10 hrs) during the semester. Students work on the semester assignment: 120 hours.
  • B-ØN and M-ECOL
  • Special requirements in Science