B15-PV Bachelor's Thesis

Credits (ECTS):15

Course responsible:Lars Olav Brandsæter

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk, norsk

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:375 hours

Teaching and exam period:Autumn parallel and Spring parallel

About this course

Bachelor students in plant science may write a bachelor thesis, as elective credits, on a topic within the field of plant science. The research proposal must be discussed and approved by the student's supervisor.

The bachelor thesis is an independent academic work. Independent gathering and analysis of sources (primary and/or secondary) are key elements. The student may also conduct fieldwork. The student is supervised in developing a research proposal. If the student is conducting fieldwork, it is required that the supervisor approves the research proposal prior to travel to the field.

Learning outcome

Knowledge: After completing a bachelor thesis the student will have knowlegde of a spesific topic and relevant methods and theories.

Skills: The student has got skills in finding, evaluating and referring to information and present this addressing the problem. Moreover, the student gained skills in applying scientific knowledge, make reasoned choices and handles relevant professional tools, techniques and forms of expression.

General Competence: The student has under guidance gained expertise in planning and conducting an independent project and dissemination of academic issues.

  • Supervision: Each student is entitled to 20 hours of supervision (including the supervisor's share of the marking) for a 15 ECTS bachelor thesis. Students sign a contract with the supervisor. The supervisory relationship is guided by the contract as well as common understandings for supervisory responsibility. Writing a research proposal is an integrated part of the thesis process and its supervision. The student has a responsibility to stay in touch with the supervisor. The student submits a signed contract to the supervisor and to the study administration.
  • It is recommended that the students actively use the courses offered by the University Library, Writing Centre and all other resources available at the University.
  • One written thesis counts 100 % of the grade.

  • External examiner is used in the evaluation of the bachelor thesis.
  • The student must submit a signed contract to the supervisor and to the study administration at the faculty before he/she can start working on his/hers thesis.
  • Third year Bachelor students at NMBU.
  • Special requirements in Science