AOS234 Leadership - Course for Student Representatives

Credits (ECTS):5

Course responsible:Stephen Sirris

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Course frequency:The subject is given in every spring depending on the availability of teaching staff.

Nominal workload:125 hours.

Teaching and exam period:This course has teaching and evaluation in the Spring parallel.

About this course

The subject consists of four thematic parts:

(a) NMBU's and the university sector's mission, mission and vision

(b) Governance and work of the board

(c) Strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation

(d) Management, leadership roles and volunteering

On the one hand, the themes constitute natural academically defined units that are illuminated through practical cases and relevant theory. The course emphasizes developing the connections between the four themes. These connections are clarified using practical, real-life examples, as well as in the form of integrative theory and analytical frameworks.

Learning outcome

The aim is two-fold: Contribute to providing knowledge and skills that make the student union representatives better able to function in the role of student union representative at NMBU, and at the same time provide general competence in management-relevant organizational theory themes.

Knowledge of:

(i) NMBU as an organization and the challenges the organization faces in light of societal developments.

(ii) Key concepts such as vision, goals, strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation and tools used to implement change.

(iii) Volunteering and volunteer management.

(iv) The board's duties and working methods.

(v) Management and governance, as well as management and change.

(vi) Managerial roles and leadership.


(i) Be able to contribute constructively to teamwork.

(ii) Actively work on a board and thereby have a clear relationship to the division of labor between the board and day-to-day management.

(iii) Gain insight into and reflect on prerequisites for coping in a leadership role in meeting with employees and volunteers.

General competence:

(i) Can apply theoretical knowledge and experiences from practical organizational and voluntary work at NMBU.

(ii) Identify and reflect in a consistent manner on ethical issues in connection with board work, management and leadership.

  • Individual preparations (syllabus reading etc.), lectures, group work, class discussions, reflection notes and group presentations.
  • Group assignments with guidance, feedback on submitted work.
  • Practical management/board experience.
  • 3 hour written exam on Campus. Grading rule: A-F.

  • External censor assesses quality of exam and teaching plan.
  • Participation in group work, lectures and seminars is compulsory.
  • There are 24-30 hours of teaching in the subject divided between a start-up Saturday and evening sessions.
  • Student union representatives at NMBU.
  • Priority: Student union representatives at NMBU. Limitation of the number of places: 35. The subject is given with conditions of at least 20 participants.